"Steel...The Most Universal Product On Earth"
"Steel...The Most Universal Product On Earth"

We offer a one-stop-shop for our all customer’s steel needs. From Detailing, Engineering, Structural Steel Fabrication, Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication, and Steel Erection. Your projects will be handled from start to finish by experienced professionals all working together to complete every job promptly and mistake free.


Most fabricators have moved to outsourced detailing services, but we believe in keeping a detailing in house. It allows us to quickly react to design changes, streamline the detailing schedule of a project, and most importantly limits the possibility of errors that can delay the customers job. Structural steel detailed and fabricated along with the miscellaneous steel by the same company helps to eliminate problems down the road. Like missing connections for stairs & handrails. We detail all of our projects using Tekla Structures, which easily exports models to 3D .pdf and BIM programs so our customers see exactly what they are getting once the job is fabricated and erected. 

Structural Steel Fabrication

After years of fabricating miscellaneous steel and erecting structural steel for large steel fabricators it became clear that there was a need for a company that could be flexible enough to do jobs that are as small as a few columns all the way up to 100+ plus tons. That flexibility allows us to work with any size General Contractor on any size project.

Miscellaneous Fabrication

Our miscellaneous steel fabrication service further highlights our dedication to flexibility. Whether you need a few ramp handrails or a 10 story stair tower we will ensure your needs are met. Along with handrails and stairs we offer a wide range of miscellaneous fabrication, such as: Ladders, Surgical Light Supports, Material Handling Carts, Grating, Pipe Supports, and we’ve even built a Gorilla Skeleton. 

Steel Erection

Erecting structural and miscellaneous steel is where we began making a name for ourselves, and we haven’t forgotten that even after expanding to fabricating structural & miscellaneous steel. The same quality you receive from our Estimators, Detailers, and Project Managers you will receive from our Foremen on the jobsite. Those Foremen will work side by side with other trades and the Site Superintendent to ensure the job is done properly, on-time, and most importantly safely. 

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